You'll be in my heart I:)

Mariam Syafiqah Mohd Saidi<3

My one and only dearest deary and forever will be. I love you so damn much. We used to be so close and now I can only see you form distance yet I'm happy because you still call me FRIEND. Knowing you is a bless that I will always thanked for. My amazing girl.

Zunita Zulkepli<3

True friends. That's my description towards you, my dearest one. Yes, our time together was not that long but I like have knowing you since forever. You understood me so well. You hold my hand and lead me to the right path. Telling me this is right and that is wrong. Uhibbu fillah.

Ain Nashwa Aszman<3

My lovely cousin in law:* I heart you damn much. You always there for me. Shed my tears, heard my stories, held my hands, made my worries gone, laughed to my jokes, comforted me when I'm in blues. What can I say ? You are my everything.

Nabilah Haziqah Abdul Hamid<3

Babe:) Thank you for everything. You had made my days. I miss you. I love you. I don't know without any reason, I just love you. You meant much to me.

Natasha Ayumi Muhamad Zainuddin<3

I know you like blue but I think pink suits you well:) Hey there, I'm in love with you. No word can best describe my feeling towards you. Action speaks louder than words:) You are such an innocence, patience and amazing girl. You lend me your shoulders for me to cry. Thank you.  I adore you so much.

Nur Ainaa Nabihah Mohd Ghazali<3

My doctor to be:) Naa, knowing you is a great chance but befriend you is a wonderful fate. I don't remember the actual date and time the moment you had took a piece of my heart away but one thing for sure I do really love you. Always keep this in your mind, you are my super strength until forever.

Nur Ermiedza Radzali<3

The most smart girl in my dorm:) You know what you want and you put a bunch of effort to achieve it, that's what I like the most about you. All the hard works and patience, keep it up baby. With those you will obtain many great things now and hereafter. Thank you, my. I love you.

Atirah Samat<3

A brave lady to me. You think in different way. You spill your opinion whatever it takes. Live your own life, respect others. I give you credit for that. I adore you actually. I rarely say this but, I heart you.

Intan Fazria Ridzuan<3

My baby:) Your laughter made my day. Thank you for those days you had cheered me up. You were always there and forever it will be right ? I heart you a lot. You have all the person that love you around you. Appreciate that, honey. Best of luck in your future undertaking.

Dinah Adelina Razali<3

I miss you. I know I'm not a good friend for you. Sometimes I'm not treat you well. But, we were that close once and you had carved your name in my deepest heart. I don't know na. After all, I love you, sister.

Wan Nurul Izzati Wan Mohd Zahari<3

No talking too much. Just, I miss you and I love you a lot. You bring back my spirit when I'm hopeless. Such a great leader. When I was giving up, you came and said " Just try it one more time". May all great things be with you always.

Faeznur Suriani Mohd Lana<3 Nurul Aishah Zuhir<3 Syaza Syazwani Sapie<3 Nur Syafiqah<3 Ain Amalia Jusoh<3 Hazwani Yazed<3 Afia Nursanaa Abd Rahman<3 Nur Rodiatul Raudah<3 Nurul Hidayatul Farihah Mohd Khari<3

in my memory:
Alifah Ardilla Azman<33

If I have to list all my sweethearts, I am sure there is no enough spaces. So, I just keep to myself then. It's true that some people think that love no need to be express much. Action speaks louder than words,yeeaah. But, for me when I'm writing this I'm just showing my gratitude and appreciation towards my love ones after all they give me. That's all.



I just cant loose you T.T

people can say their words
but, I'm the one who feel it

p.s  i love you


*the guy in yellow Baju Melayu

Mohd Amirul Asyraf Shaharuddin&Fauziah:)
I never wrote about you
and, now I will;)

you are super something
thank you for everything
take care in whatever you do
I'll be there for you

dearest great friend,
please stay !
i heart you a lot:')