i know this is super advanced.

to : the colour of my life
happy first year anniversary
*i love you.yes,i really do

getting older.

to : someone very special

happy bornday.
*have a blast on your day



i'm totally exhausted now.
sorry and thank you



i'm confused,sorry.




He give us anything that we need not anything that we want
why ?
because He know what's the best for us.


MY darling<3
*long time no chat:)


happy birthday to you,babah:)
may Allah always bless you.

one fine day:"korg nk bgy apew kt babah ? mama daa beli kek ney." then,along ng angah dicuss laa nk bwt apew..mcm" idea yg kluar.nk msak laa,bwt suprise laa..mcm" laa..then,kteorg sepakat nk bwt a huge card for him.after beli brng" kteorg pown start laa bwt.that 24th jan evening,mama ng babah kluar..bgos ! kteorg pown berkelah laa dpn tb bwt kad tuwh same":along,angah,abang,adek.sume org ad keje msng".then,tibe" dnga bunyi kete babah.whooaaaa ! kecoh ! sume lari bwk msok brng" dlm blik..haha:D tnggu punye tunggu,rupe"nye babah parking kete jew..then,off to futsal yg just a walking distance from our house.kteorg pown cont laa with that card.lps tuwh,tibe" ad org ketuk pintu pulak..adoii ! lg skali lintang pukang lari mcm JAIP yg dtg..haha:D that night,after maghrib,kteorg celebrate..awl sehari sbb mama keje esoknye...mkn carrot cake:) then,tgh" mlm tuwh..kteorg adk beradik msok dlm blik girls then, pulun same" siapkn card tuwh,,tibe" babah ketuk pintu..adoii ! habess laa ! then,abg ng adek yg pg bukak..tibe" adk ckp.."tak,kteorg xbwt paper..maen monopoli jew" haha:D aduhai adekku yg satu ney;) untill midnight kteorg bwt..and akhirnye..berjaya disiapkan.this is how it look :

nice right ? hehe:D kteorg ltak kad tuwh ats krusi facing bilik mama&babah.the next morning;25th jan,mama yg kluar dulu,,and ckp wow...then babah kluar..tpy,dy xpasan pown kad tuwh !adeii ! haha:D bler tego..baru laa dy nmpk..dy snyum ckp thnkyou and "ney laa yg korg bwt smlm ?" hehe:D yes ! ney laa yg kami bwt smlm and just for our greatest dad of all !<3 pas2,mama nk pg keje...babah kt luar nk iring mama laa..then along,abg,angah..*adek tdow lg=,=* bling telur&tepung kt babah..poor him..huhu..this is how he looked:

babah mndy twice this morning..haha..sorry babah:) lps tuwh,kteorg bsoh kete and cuci lntai skali..hehe:D all we did it together..i mean with my siblings..i don't know..this holiday..ak rase lg dkat ng dorg..bnyk mnde yg kteorg bwt same"..heeh..yg mane jrng kteorg bwt..i'm happy..even xpg mane" we had so much fun together..even tdow pown same"...haha..dpn tb:) yes,family is everything..and i love them:) the end..salam:)


February check list:)

hello there baby blog !
long time no see;)
now,I want to share with you my February planning:
;karnival koko interhouse
;first term examination=,=
;petanque competiton*maybe
and etc..

In short,I'll be quite busy for this month,and I'm not be going home for February;(
till then,


Fathin Irfan:')

We have been together for 11 month:')
thank you
I love you.









yeaahh,good bye awk
I'm going back to SEMESTA
take care of yourself
I love you
and,happy 11th month anniversary cinta:)

p/s : i wish i can sing this song for you:')



I just watched old movie entitled Mann with my mum:)
and,tears roll down her cheek watching this great movie
and,I discover one more thing
I don't know why but

i saw irfan in aamir khan
the smile ?

i just adore Aamir Khan
and,i just love Fathin Irfan



A picture worth a thousand word:) from one picture, we can say and conclude many things.this is generally because, everybody has their own perspective.they looking at it in different way.like the picture above.if i ask you, what are you looking at ? some people may say they saw a cup of coffee while other say they saw the shape of love.what ever the answer is,everyone is correct:) same goes to love<3 this is what i'm going to write actually.LOVE is a simple word that has a huge meaning.even animal have this kind of feeling.i had read somewhere that goes, love towards human is not important but love towards God is the top priority.YES! Allah is the one who create the feeling of love.subhanallah.then,why do we are being such an arrogant person towards him ? the one who create it all including us.look, it happen around us or maybe we are one of them;when we want something,we will be nice to Him but when we got it,suddenly we forgot about Him.nauzubillah.yet,when He give us test, we will get upset and questioning Him why do He give such test to us.this is the answer, when He test you more,He love you more.alhamdulillah.don't feel bad if He is not answering you pray*well,actually he does! in His own way and time.maybe the thing that you ask for,you don't even need it.always keep in your mind that He always give the very best for you.once you remember Him,He remember you for like tenth time.subhanallah:') so,when you are feeling alone,always believe that His LOVE will always be by your side:) next, a quotes goes,the most precious things to be cherish is friendship.i AGREE! yeah,friendship is a ship that will never sink.what a miracle.friends are companion,to share laughter and tears,the one who we spent most of the time with.some people say that if we want to know somebody,just look at his friends,you'll get idea who he is.because your friends reflect you.so be wise,choose carefully.friends to share happiness is easy to find,friends to wipe your tears rarely be found.thus,appreciate you friends.they are your soul mate.always keep that in mind:) thirdly, 'love is when a 16 years old girl saw a 17 years old boy and the heart beat go faster..and that's love'.this words was said by a girl in Bollywood movie:Mann;) love towards human,i mean for opposite gender,can't be describe.well,you have to feel it first,then give your comment.love is like a butterfly,you hold it tightly it will crush,but if you hold it loosely,it will fly.if you love someone,set him free,if he comes back,he is truly your destiny.hey,appreciate your love one because maybe you mean much to them.to the world you might be one person,but to one person you might be the world.in short,love conquer all.i love you:)