master of ceremony(:

hello,,hye everybody(:
it's almost the end of Ramadan right ?
rase kjap gler enn..
xrase sngt pown pose taun ney..hehe
okeoke..now kite ad story;DD
"na,get ready taw..nnty kite jdk mc fr this friday
rase mcm mau tercabot jntng bler dnga afia ckp cm2..
tpy,xbole tpu laa..mmg na excited pown
but,cuak+sesak+gelabah pown ad jugak
haaah !
first time kowwt !
so,na ng fia pown get ready laa fr the event,,
mmg bnyk kali laa xmsok klas untk prepare fr mnde ney
sorry teachers:(
na and fia prepare speech with the helps of bynk ckgu jugak laa
kteowg pown practise,practise and practise !
the big day;
oke,,pgey tuwh rase excited gler..sbb mau balek raye;DD
pgey tuwh pgy sahor with the whole ahli dorm*almost
best !
tpy,suda stat cuak..sbb event tuwh..huhu
hope glew evrythng gonna be oke..
cuak glew kowwt~
pgey tuwh na ng fia pkai bju the mariams=)
7 o'clock in the morning
kami gerak pg dema and the job begin
practise fr the last time,,
and then..my strengths come=)
first,na ng fia dpt good luck note from our beloved mariam=)
*mar, i love you
then, the butterfly come and give spirit for me(:
*thnkyou maa
next, a lot of people ckp good luck kt both of us..stat dr kt aspuri lg
*terima kaseh=')
and at last, my one dtng;
ddk dkt tngkp kt blkng..bg spirit and strength=)
*na syg efan<3
after that,the event start
everything flow smoothly(:
praise to Allah
im very satisfied with our work(:
good job guys !
keep up the great work(:
that's all fr now..
till the next post..