i heart them:')

*before cter pasal raye..i want to post something first
recently,i dont know why i am being so emotional
i take things seriously so easily
haah !
i miss my friends..
feel like i am far apart from them..
why ?(:
*perasaan jew kowwt
dlm byk" my friends,,ad bape org ney yg sye mau story

*the person at the center(:
shamsul ammar shamsul baharin
i love you:')
yes,you are my best friend until forever enn ?
it's great to have the opportunity to know you and befriend you
i am a lucky girl haah ?
amazing ammar,
take care<3

*the specky person(:
natasha ayumi mohd zainuddin
i heart you yaww:)
thank you for the precious friendship,the memory,the love
we are best friend !
awesome ayumi,
action speaks louder than words, my dear<3

*the person in red(:
zakwan zakaria
haah !
this creature sometimes really really annoying
but,most of the time actually;D
remember the fantastic four ?
i miss you;)
best of luck dude<3
this is a special one
*the person who holding pen(:
mariam syafiqah mohd saidi
aku sayang kau laa !
knowing you is one of the best thing that happen to me
befriend you is one of the thing that i cherish 
loving you is the greatest thing that happen to me
no word can describe my feeling towards you
distance can bring us millions miles away
but,my heart still stick with you.
my dearest deary;
if love is great and there is no greater thing
then, what i felt for you must be the greatest
fantastic mariam,
thank you<3

dear my friends;
no first or the last
you guys same to me
i l o v e y o u<3
may our friendship abadan abada(:
that's all for now
till the next post,