i love you;(

fathin irfan kamaruzzaman
i love you very much=')
i don't know how to express my feelings towards you
but,yeaahh i heart you..much
i am sorry
for all those mistakes that i made
and thank you for everything that you had done for me
i really do appreciate it
thank you:')
you are one of the greatest person i ever meet
brother,friend,best friend,special friend
you are more than that !
i love you:)
best of luck for you SPM
i'll pray for you
insyallah..you can do it 
trust in yourself:)
i will always by your side
you can always count on me
also good luck in your future undertaking
may our journey together goes a long way
and last forever

your truly;
aaina fathihah abdul rahman

i love you